Not fat but not fit…yet.

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A couple months ago I met with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years. Like me, he’s married with a couple of kids. He was always a relatively fit guy, not a super athlete or anything, but always managed to stay trim, but not anymore. He was way out of shape and just tired looking. It made me look at myself and realize that I was on the same path as him and I didn’t like what the future me was going to look like.

Since that day, I have made some changes and am feeling pretty great. I’ve lost some weight, put on some muscle, and generally feel much better. It’s been a few months since I have started and I feel that I have created some good routines to keep me on the path of fitness and decided to start this blog to help keep me motivated to stay fit and as a way to look back at the progress I’ve made.

Before blogging, I used Strava to keep track of my progress. I didn’t really like using it too much at first because I needed to have my phone with me while working out or exercising, but then my phone broke and I got the new Samsung Watch 4 Classic with the LTE.  This was a game changer because I could now just press workout on my watch and it would track everything and upload it to my Strava account automatically.



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By Warren

I was a fit young man and then kids happened. I don't want to be a fat dad so I am making systems to keep myself fit.

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